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TSL began with the passion of a guy just who discovered snowshoeing in Canada during the early 80s and chose to carry it back again to France. Then, another guy, Philippe GALLAY, skiing instructor and hill guide when you look at the heart for the French Alps noticed the pleasure their very first clients had snowshoeing and saw an approach to benefit from the hills in cold weather.

He was convinced associated with the item and made a decision to purchase TSL in He then settled in his garage and started producing snowshoes in the evening with the help of a few pals. Thanks to the strong personality regarding the CEO and his power to anticipate the needs of the clients, TSL snowshoes expanded right to Japan passing by all of the countries in europe.

TSL created and developed the snowshoe market in European countries by providing ingenious and quality services and products. The reliability and quality quickly became the trademark of TSL. The organization features constantly worked for the constant and irreproachable high quality of the services.

Constantly full of ideas to ensure that every person can enjoy a patio minute, the organization embarks on other activities. In , TSL introduced towards the French sports folks a new activity through the Scandinavian countries: Nordic walking, and became the French frontrunner. Ever since then, TSL has actually broadened its selection of poles and now offers an entire range for climbing, trail running and undoubtedly for winter sports. In TSL proposed a fresh as a type of sliding an intuitive slip: the Yooner.

This sliding machine encouraged by the ancestral paret associated with the Alps permits any neophyte to use the skiing mountains. In , TSL, globe frontrunner in snowshoeing, revolutionized the marketplace by inventing the first completely flexible snowshoes effective at adjusting to all the surface and motions. The Symbioz was created. This snowshoe the expression of freedom continues to be today the sophisticated on the market.

It is essential to focus on the human instinct for the organization that is TSL. With its three decades of presence, your family company has not kept its cradle regarding the French Alps. With the aim to enhance its family and share its knowledge and passion using the individuals of united states, TSL moved to Vermont in the usa in within the same spirit of providing the most useful solution to its customers, TSL assembles its snowshoes with its Williston workshop where all demands from united states customers are prepared.


Yooners.New Zealand Ski Resort Providing “YOONER” Rentals…Hybrid Sled/Ski Knowledge

POLES. TSL offers a whole number of trekking, hiking, path operating and nordic walking poles. What makes TSL’s poles different may be the development as well as the technology. In TSL proposed a unique form of sliding an intuitive slip: the Yooner. This sliding machine prompted by the ancestral paret regarding the Alps enables any neophyte to use the ski mountains. Yooners; Accessories; ABOUT TSL; WEBLOG $ 0 items; TSL Outdoor – US shop. Showing 1–16 of 48 results. 1; 2; 3 → SNOWSHOES; POLES; YOONERS; ACCESSORIES; / camo $ Select choices; Freeze $.

A Yooner is a lightweight and fun combo between sledding and skiing that basically gets your heart pumping. You carve down the mountain just like you would in standard skis, you achieve this seated on an appropriate seat 20 cm through the surface along with your legs in front of you. Feeling daring? Lease a Yooner with us or reserve a lesson package with one of our excellent trainers.

Delights and a great time tend to be guaranteed in full! For This new, all-terrain type of the Yooner! Go on it with you every where! It is becoming stated that your family of a woman who had been decapitated at Arches National Park by an open gate final summer time is suing the park for ….

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