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Users can put in or update an AIR application by double-clicking an AIR file on the computer or through the browser using the seamless install feature. But, you can also have an installed application upgrade it self to a different version, making use of the Updater class. An installed application may identify that a brand new variation can be obtained is downloaded and installed. The job must be packaged as an AIR file in order to utilize the Updater course.

Programs packaged as an indigenous executable or bundle should utilize the revision services given by the native platform. The publisher ID is derived through the signing certificate. Both the improvement and the application becoming updated needs to be finalized with the same certificate. For AIR 1. You must make use of this element if you will find variations of one’s application created using AIR 1.

To find out more, see publisherID. As of AIR 1. Migrating an application to use an innovative new signature requires signing the update atmosphere file with both the brand new in addition to original certificates. Certificate migration is a one-way process. After the migration, just AIR files finalized with all the brand new certification or with both certificates is likely to be seen as updates to an existing installation. Handling revisions of programs may be difficult. AIR 1. You should use certificate migration to improve from a self-signed certificate to a commercial code-signing certification or in one self-signed or commercial certificate to a different.

If you fail to move the certification, current users must eliminate their existing form of the application before installing the new version. For more information see Switching certificates. It is a good practice to incorporate an update mechanism in the job. In the event that you develop a fresh variation the program, the revision method can prompt an individual to put in the new variation.

You can easily seek advice from these logs to assist figure out the reason for any installation problems. See Installation logs. Adobe AIR. See Assist PDF 5. Updating AIR applications. These changes might need you to definitely update your application. An update system can notify the user of this brand new type of the applying.


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You are able to install modern launch of the AIR runtime through the Android Market. You can easily put in development variations of this AIR runtime from a web link on an internet page or using the ADT -installRuntime command. Only 1 form of the atmosphere runtime may be put in at the same time; you can’t have both a release and a development version put in. Mar 12,  · latest AIR runtime is here Adobe – Adobe AIR most recent AIR SDK are hereDownload Adobe AIR SDK and right here there is an archived range of all AIR runtimes and AIR SDKFind and down load archived versions of Adobe AIR SDK. Likes. 2 Likes Translate. Translate. Jump to resolve. 9 Replies 9. Jump to latest reply. Jun 09,  · Download the AIR 2 installation file from Double-click AIR 2 installation file and proceed with the prompts to accomplish the installation. In the event that installer displays an Authenticate window, enter an administrator user title and password.

Adobe suggests that people update into the newest type of Adobe AIR whenever a new version can be obtained, particularly when a security enhance is mentioned.

By standard, when an AIR application is launched, the runtime checks if an update is present. It does this check if it was more than a couple of weeks since the last up-date check. If an update is present, AIR downloads the update within the history. These records is transmitted when per installation plus it enables Adobe to ensure that the installation ended up being effective. No really identifiable information is gathered or sent.

In the event that you distribute the application with a captive runtime bundle, the captive runtime is certainly not updated immediately. For the security of your people, you need to monitor the updates published by Adobe and improve your application with the brand-new runtime variation whenever a relevant security modification is published.

Adobe AIR. View assist PDF 5. Updating captive runtimes in the event that you distribute the job with a captive runtime bundle, the captive runtime just isn’t updated immediately.