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By Dr. Sol Submitted by Dr. This Glided Skin may be the original Glided without any customization that came with mediamonkey variation 3 and below it is easy fast and incredibly easy to use it aslo operates smooth and uses little RAM. The theory behind this skin would be to produce a player using the smallest feasible footprint however include the usual stuff like artwork, Visualisation, volume and seek taverns, etc. The ball player additionally doubles since the FloatPlayer MiniPlayer to preserve area regarding the desktop.

X started out utilizing the notion of an ‘original’ or retro epidermis however it seemed to evolve from it’s very own agreement. Light grey theme where the player went ‘boom’ and simply about every possible label field that may be shown when you look at the player is included. Dark version of Quatx epidermis. Aero is disabled. Athlete may be moved. Light form of Quatx skin. I needed a dark skin, maybe not black colored, but nearly, with a ‘soft’ feel a choice towards the Track 7 skin witha a slimline player suitable for multi-position docking including the top and bottom of this display screen.

Simply an indulgence of my fondness for large players and therefore ‘touchy-feely’ look. This can be a truly a Marmite skin in the event that you like it, enjoy This variation has a more conventional player. MediaMonkey Toggle navigation. Install Forum Support Addons Develop. Browse Newest Popular Submit. Skins fifth Gen – Black 0. Download Support. A complete skin in line with the fifth Generation iPod video black. Abrax 1. AbraxSP 1. AbraXtreme 1.

Aracebo 1. AraceboSP 1. CleanMM 1. A light, quick, minimalist skin for MediaMonkey. Dr Sol player unique 1. Dark back ground, golden add-ons and red details By Dr. Sol’s Music Treasure 1. A skin with silver and higher end gear look By Dr.

Eclipse 3 3. Fusion 1. G-Monkey 1. G-Monkey epidermis [Lyrics Viewer] 1. G-Monkey skin [MonkeyRok] 1. Glided 2. Glided Skin 1. body that was bundled with MMW until v4. A skin based on the final. LastFM – SimplyRed 1. Light Fusion 1. A light version of Fusion. Magneto 1. Mellon epidermis [Lyrics Viewer] 1. Mellon Skin [MM4] 1. Mellon skin [MonkeyRok] 1. Mellon Tab Skin [MonkeyRok] 1. Mellon-3 [MM3] 1. Mellon-Aero skin [MM4] 1.

Mellon-eee [MM4] 1. Metro Zune 1. The new skin of MM 4. MetroMonkey 1. Dark form of miniMus skin. Light version of the miniMus epidermis. MM-PSP 1. A skin in line with the Playstation PSP. MM-Ultimate 2. A shiny, black epidermis for MediaMonkey. MM-Ultimate Blue 2. The blue version of MM-Ultimate.

MM-White 1. A white and orange epidermis for MediaMonkey. ND3 Blue 1. ND3 could be the newest when you look at the NouveauDark a number of skins. ND3 Green 1. ND3 Red 1. These day there are four variations offered. This is actually the 2nd version in the Origin. X a number of skins. Xlite 1. Here is the 3rd in the Origin. Light grey theme. Xtreme 1. This is actually the 4th within the Origin. Quatx Dark 1. Version: 1. Quatx Light 1. Track 7 1. Track 8 1. UltraBlue 1. UltraGreen 1. UltraGrey 1. UltraPink 1. UltraWhite 1. UltraYellow 1.

UMP epidermis 2. Vision Skin 2. VitreousBlue – [MonkeyRok skin] 1. A MonkeyRok epidermis to complement the VitreousBlue skin. VitreousDark 2. A dark form of the standard MediaMonkey skin, Vitreous. Variation: 2. Addon Groups Skins.


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MediaMonkey is the award-winning media organizer and player for severe enthusiasts. It cleans the mess in your songs and movie libraries, and lets you share and enjoy all of them across all your devices. October 11, · by kuyhAa · in Media athlete, MultiMedia, Software MediaMonkey Gold Final MediaMonkey Gold namanya aneh ya?. software Nyeemoot kali., bukan kok gan, Yups, jadi, MediaMonkey Gold ini merupakan computer software management music dan playing music dengan mudah. kita dapat melakukan management songs. MediaMonkey Gold Final MediaMonkey Gold namanya aneh ya?. software Nyeemoot kali., bukan kok gan, Yups, jadi, MediaMonkey Gold ini merupakan computer software management music dan playing music dengan mudah. kita dapat melakukan management music dengan full informasi dari music tersebut. dari mulai artis, record album, dimensions, category, durasi, dan masih banyak lagi .

Article by Peke » Fri Apr 27, pm. Post by Stigg » sunlight Apr 29, was. Post by Peke » Sun Apr 29, pm. Post by Peke » Wed May 02, are. Post by Stigg » Wed May 02, am. Post by Stigg » Thu May 03, was. Article by Stigg » sunlight May 06, am. Theme according to Absolution by PlanetStyles. Down Load Forum Help Addons Develop. Quick links. Search Advanced search. I know MM5 is on the horizon but when I’ve already been thinking that since We believed ‘what the hell Enviro1 and Enviro2 have minor differences in the theme which reflects the greater amount of stylised appearance of the gamer in Enviro2.

Enviro3 is there because we only love a tiny player that may be tucked into a part panel. Only 2 options for Enviro3 Lyrics Viewer and MonkeyRok skins can be found in the four tints same epidermis for many whether 1, 2 or 3 I’m certain I’m a little rusty in the end this time around and there could be several anomalies We haven’t spotted. A nod of acknowledgement and many thanks to DreadM whose excellent symbol set we have actually integrated during these motifs.

Exact same rule as normal applies Lifetime silver since If you feel annoyed I wish to see even smaller version of Enviro1 with height of tool club. Glad you liked the skins. Perhaps not certain we completely understand everything you suggest by should you feel annoyed I wish to see also smaller form of Enviro1 with height of tool club.

CoachUK penned: Thanks for the nice wishes regrettably i have needed to take that I defintely won’t be getting any benefit than I am today pretty much exact same size because the Toolbar as shown here I’ve put it with the Enviro1 BLUE theme and tried it to double up as a slim float player too.

Download link: Enviro1Bsp. Not exactly certain everything you intended by The skins tend to be breathtaking. Many thanks. And a special thanks for also offering skins for MonkeyRok and Lyrics and Comment Viewer, each of which I could not stay without. Give it a try and let me know if it is okay. Really though I tweeked the contrast regarding the Player controls and made a few other modifications in order to prevent field clashes, etc.

Hope it’ll be of some usage. Most Useful, Andy. PS: What does the Garbage Bin symbol do? The initial design of MonkeyRok where you can actually see several selection at any given time. Mouse wheel scroll down and up. You can select a menu to enhance or collapse it. That might be great whenever you bypass to it. Maybe you have today updated the skins above to change the container to an X?

Edit: No, you haven’t. No dash. Take your time. Health comes very first. By the way. Raising your eyebrows leaves wrinkles in your forehead.