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Check In. Do Not Start Your Eyes Conceal Spoilers. I have noticed a design right here on IMDb that the majority of the audience tends to respond defectively to very negative reviews, regardless of if the movie being evaluated seriously has it coming. If you should be one of THOSE men and women, you ought to probably only skip this analysis because reviews don’t get more relentlessly negative than this 1. I am literally getting a brain cramp wanting to conjure within the proper verbiage to properly communicate exactly how appallingly awful this motion picture really is.

See what took place with this final sentence? Plot line: homecare employee takes a job in a remote area caring for a psychologically, emotionally and physically affected old woman and then have things go pear-shaped in a demonic method.

The finish. Cinematography: you will get two choices with this movie. It is often so dark you can’t see such a thing or you CAN see some thing and also you want you mightn’t. In those scenes where you are able to see something, it really is all sloppily done, constantly drifting sides that are horrifying because they’re terrible workmanship instead of because they’re depicting a scary scene.

If you were in twelfth grade within the mids, remember once you saw a film in class? Remember just how all the colors were muted and every thing appeared to be an uncomfortable cold weather’s time had been you ought to have only remained during sex? Same task. Music: many films have ratings wherein the composer carefully composed music to suit the movie scene by scene and chance by chance to properly score the musical passages to fit and enhance what is happening on the screen.

Repetitive and uninspiring and totally unrelated music is just played when you look at the background using the general hope so it kinda sorta fits the impression associated with scene. Often, whenever a scene concludes before the songs does, the songs just suddenly shuts off or switches to another thing. Acting: ugh i do believe i will be sick. The male nurse, which obviously is supposed to be the “lead” actor regarding the film, need been replaced with a life-size cardboard cutout of himself with regards to “emoting”.

For example, considering that this male nurse is supposedly being met with demonic activity, really the only feeling he seems to be able to portray i might call “slouching petulance”. Imagine a teenage woman that is been informed she can’t go to the party with that hot bad boy and contains to keep residence and start to become grounded even for attempting. The world is simply too much to bear and she goes slouching throughout the house, listlessly, as if she’s had diarrhea for per month.

Well, this male nurse had been exactly like that after confronted with demonic task. Evidently demonic activity is like, “unfair” or something.

Pacing: none. There clearly was maybe four moments of real activity during the course of the entire movie. The remainder film is interminable shots for the old lady, the nursing assistant, or the girl which hired the nursing assistant just standing or sitting here “emoting” to nothing in particular, all set to vaguely unacceptable background music, the connected result of which makes you need to shove a Bowie blade in your ear in the hopes of closing all of it.

Their particular main reaction to this collection of conditions will be make the life of anybody around them a continuous hell in the world so long as the situation persists. If you have ever had to live through this, it is entirely agonizing.

At the least your suffering defintely won’t be contaminated with appalling craftsmanship. Was this review helpful? Register to vote. After seeing the trailer I was excited to see this motion picture. Very first i must say I was thinking the actors did a fantastic job! Then when you notice these reviews do not blame yourselves, you dudes would be the just reason this thing stayed a float so long as it did. Are you aware that copywriter, I think it was a creative and cool “concept” you had nevertheless the over all story line only got tedious as dialog in the motion picture became nothing more than random sputtering making no good sense after all.

Very difficult to know and I don’t imply as a result of a stars accent, i am talking about the outlines directed at her were only meaningless total nonsense making the audience in full confusion. To help make matters more serious, the ending made absolutely no sense exactly what so previously. What even happen to john? What was the little guys ghost role within the film? I am talking about a lot of things that were not truly planned down when coming up with the movie.

The shooting of this film, editing, scenery were all great too. Again, tale range ended up being sorely lacking and when something left visitors frustrated asking questions. Do not start your eyes aka Don’t bother we installed and viewed this low budget pos yesterday. Saturday afternoon, good day, soothing on my day down, it is the week-end, I feel like viewing some horror, what the hell. When I say it was just sluggish awful and stupid, I’m becoming very nice.

Do not start your eyes to this crap is an improved title or cannot even bother, is more suitable, this is only awful. Avoid this three cast F upped course horror.. A portion of my day off ruined.

I must say I liked the cinematography that was atmospheric and reminded me of classic horrors such as The Omen plus the Exorcist, with wintry outside shots slightly blue grey. In most cases the visuals in the film were exemplary – moody with interesting chance choices that actually kept artistic interest.

Are you aware that story. It absolutely was an interesting concept that fell far quick in delivery. In the long run this film became tiresome to look at. Very long dialogues that were tough to comprehend and make down through the thick accent of the main actress -Gergana Mellin – along with her portrayal regarding the character. Without doubt this woman is a great actress along with her theatre knowledge showed through, but one thing went extremely wrong in the volley of moments where she relays important info about the story that simply wander off.

Perhaps it had been a technical concern – in either case, it just ended up being boring to try to figure out. In addition believe there clearly was a severe not enough build-up to some regarding the pivotal parts in the movie. They just appeared to take place without having any drama connected with all of them, and had been gone as soon as they appeared.

This led to a linear experience watching this movie. There was clearly absolutely nothing to get worked up about, scared at, or have particular mental a reaction to. The ending also left loads become desired. Once again, there was no build or anticipation and it simply took place relatively much as expected. There are some other points that detract from the satisfaction of watching this movie, but i cannot be bothered planning for them. It is a shame.

There have been brilliant aspects like the visuals, then abysmal application of tale telling. This isn’t a film I would like to watch again, which it could have been with some more thought moving in to informing the story. This motion picture had been interesting some moments had been like wow. Nevertheless the remainder was really boring and sometimes he did not make any sense. Not so bad. I am the sort of person who likes things everyone else scoffs at and abhors the popular so it is not surprising to get myself enjoy this motion picture.

On the other hand, the key personality reminded me so much of a former friend of mine, I was a bit more diligent with it than others who have assessed this. Yes, it really is an affordable, low quality motion picture that is very clearly a person’s pet project.

The kind of schlock Everyone loves. So, we’ve a male nurse who takes a job as a house hospice carer to save money for their marriage, often pulling out the engagement ring to tell himself of why he is putting up with the needs of this sour, nasty tempered old woman whose suffering seems to be caused by her one example of showing a hint of pleasure.

However the old lady is an exercising occultist and has now extended her very own life at the cost of sufferers, which continue to prowl about and go “boo!

Our child is stuck in the home after the followed daughter of the biddy just directly leaves him there with the dead woman when you look at the most blatant construction associated with the isolation trope you may possibly ever find. He’s kept to stumble about at night with a spooketty tape recorder and be prepared for the failings of belief and customs while being harassed by spoopies and ghoulies which come out at night is creepy. You can find a few points of this movie lacking in any reasoning or thinking. Less as story holes and more a lazy cop-out of “ghosts did it!

It may have now been roads better. Nonetheless, it’s not so worth trashing. Not really. Or I’m simply becoming good due to the fact guy reminds me of someone we understood. One or perhaps the other. Very puzzling land. Might have understood more if we understood the discussion. But a lot of the lines had been mumbled or too thickly accented or drowned completely by music.

Subtitles could have aided loads. Acting and photography was okay but the movie had been extremely slow and tiresome. Don’t bother with that one. Don’t open your eyes has its flaws, which is for certain. Countless them, from too-heavy accents to pacing dilemmas into the composed songs drowning out of the dialogue. If you look past that, though, it really is an extremely creepy diamond into the harsh.

Viewing it reminded me of when I initially read Stephen King’s Gramma, it thought want it received determination straight from that. Needless to say, Gramma freaked me down, therefore obviously, this freaked me down also.


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Don’t open your eyes. The longer you keep your eyes closed the animal can get irratated and begun thumping and scratching on your screen. Still, DON’T OPEN YOUR EYES. The folks that open their particular eyes, really, we don’t really know what happens to them. No matter whether you can’t rest, simply keep your eyes shut before the sunlight arises. Don’t start Your Eyes (13) 1 h 18+ When an apathetic home hospice nurse learns he shares a sinister reference to the mysterious old woman in the attention, it causes him to face a darkness he never ever may have : Horror. Jul 02,  · (Don’t) Open Your Eyes is a brief but free horror-themed simulation video game wherein you have to do only one thing: avoid opening your eyes. Manufactured by Daniel “Via” Cuturrufo, this excellent artistic novel introduces you to a shadowy animal that you cannot see into the .

Whenever an apathetic residence hospice nursing assistant learns he shares a sinister reference to the mysterious old girl in the treatment, it makes him to confront a darkness he never might have imagined.

Sign In. Thank you for visiting the new form of this page. Learn more. Report a concern. Trailer Drama Horror. Director Dmitry Yun.

Dmitry Yun. Tom Kemnitz Jr. Gergana Mellin Jamie Carroll. Top credits Director Dmitry Yun. Dont Open Your Eyes. Photos Top cast Edit. John as John …. Gergana Mellin Agnes as Agnes. Jamie Carroll Annie as Annie. Travis Cox Driver as Driver.

More like this. Watch choices. Storyline Edit. Add content consultative. User reviews 14 Assessment. Top review. I will do my better to keep spoilers from this analysis because i must say i want people to understand what’s taking place here and just what the specific dilemmas are with this particular film. Here we get, most people are ripping this movie aside over it becoming slow plus it’s pacing.

So this isn’t a drag vehicle type of motion picture as well as in absolutely no way does it portray itself this way. If you want overly busy horror go find something else to watch. This a movie that builds on itself lair by lair. Everybody else complains about the old ladies accent as well as can’t understand what she’s saying so many things not explained and unanswered questions. Plot holes, lack of useful continuity. If you study reviews about this movie you will find an ongoing outcry for, “I don’t get it, someone describe this if you ask me!

Because I do not believe anyone can. This is the issue with this specific motion picture. You get lost and perplexed and there is no help looking forward to you at the end. I have seen this movie many times trying to see what I missed or detect some thing but wanting to appreciate this motion picture is like attempting to built a 5k piece problem without having the photo from the box of exactly what the puzzle seems like.

So there its, yes it’s a slow B movie. It’s all chance in a single place therefore the scene is good. The lighting effects has some truly bad places inside it, that you can see. Man, yeah the damn film is complicated as hell and leaves you lost after watching it.

Hell possibly this is the point from it, to cause you to feel like you have got dementia also function as the end of it life the old lady, who knows So I invite you to definitely view this and discover when you can figure it and piece it together for average folks.

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