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Antamedia Bandwidth Manager helps you get a grip on and limit Web consumption, download and upload, data traffic for each and every computer system in your community. Computer systems could be restricted with specified time and quota per session, morning when access is allowed and set to logout after inactivity.

Compare Bandwidth Software Editions. It works with virtually all equipment you already have in your community. Control wired and cordless computer systems, phones and products without any customer computer software installation. Independent of the client operating system.

After registering Bandwidth management pc software you can configure amount of simultaneous contacts. Demo version allows 3 products, along with restart time limitations. Block person web sites, drugs, alcoholic beverages, or prevent accessibility social networks, shopping internet sites etc to increase productivity. Over groups helps to fine tune filtering. Effortlessly configure download and upload rate for several users in the system, or configure individual user accounts.

Establish the upload and download rates for your community or individual users. Enable new users to access the network with default rates, or restrict Internet access only to known users to save lots of on bandwidth expenses. Configure available data transfer quota limits for all people, for selected people just, or allow unlimited quota for desired users. A Bandwidth quota is configured in Mbytes for each individual and represents the total amount of available traffic.

Easily assign monthly limits, day-to-day limits, or both. Sample: user can download 5 GB monthly, with MB daily restriction. Enables specified computer systems identified by MAC target of community card to pass-through the Bandwidth Manager.

As an example: allow your home computer to get accessibility without the restrictions. Limit a merchant account therefore it can login only in one computer system. If MAC target will not occur however, it will likely be stored in 1st login. From that minute, a user needs to use the same computer. User can search specified host sites without authentication. You are able to allow browsing of company web site for ad free.

Generate user records and configure down load and upload rate, readily available time and data transfer quota, assign everyday limits for time and quota, limit amount of everyday sessions, conclusion date, multilogin, autologin, inactivity timeout, allowed time for accessibility and so many more options.

Auto login feature automates login procedure for unknown users in your community who does not have user profile. Immediately logged-in users get specified download and upload rate, quota, day-to-day limits etc. Allow login in specified time-interval, configure pause between logins, optimum permitted logins, conclusion date, bandwidth quota daily restriction, everyday time usage limit, maximum daily logins. Bandwidth manager provides all the features you ought to manage the total amount of data transfer each user gets on the access.

This enables you to share one Internet connection DSL, cable modem, cordless… to any or all your people. Real-time user activity reveals down load, upload, staying information transfer quota, time use.

Link your places in one single community and employ the same database. People will be able to use their remaining time on any of the places. For example, WISP can use several Internet lines in numerous areas of the town and connect all locations in one system plus one database. Check-out link efforts in your community. Bandwidth Manager stores different actions, including program start and prevent, period of login efforts etc. Database is encoded and protected from unauthorized customizations.

Bandwidth Manager software program is possible for setup and make use of. It quickly measure from a little Cyber Cafe store or for control of office computer systems or flats and town areas with exact same simple user interface. Tight control over your community users, accept autologin sessions with limited online program speeds. Full statistic preview over consumption with time. Keep your time, effort and money! Bandwidth supervisor software is developed is quick, efficient bandwidth control that may be setup without the learning.

Understand all of your data transfer data and use including that is utilizing it, how long, and what they are doing. Check out the wide range of logins each day, time usage, install or upload styles. Specify internet protocol address and port preventing guidelines for outgoing traffic. Alternative may be used to limit only certain solutions, like restriction ftp or mail usage, or to disable full access to IP range. For example disable IP addresses Disable access to desired number IPs, and reroute them to virtually any various other IP and slot. For example, redirect all obstructed websites to your internet website homepage.

Limited page is presented in the buyer browser whenever a person tries to access limited website. To get into all software choices, the administrator must enter a password. Staff will not be able to access and modify account details if you don’t authorized. Educational organizations grants students and visitors restricted accessibility, usually month-to-month renewable sufficient reason for daily limitations.

Block accessibility person sites and reroute all of them to restricted page, limit bandwidth per user, assign higher speeds to selected users, monitor use logs and obtain real-time statistics.

Reduce data transfer requirements, log visited URLs, restrict personal Internet use during working hours by limiting accessibility YouTube, Twitter, and other internet sites you determine. Allow Web usage for unknown users with limited liberties, or give Internet access only to known users in your system. Internet service providers may quickly control Web use, create individual accessibility principles for understood and unknown people, share web connection, keep users and acquire reports on consumption, bandwidth, Address logs.

Automatically control users down load and upload speed, and restrict Web access with continuing to be quota and time. No customer installments. Effortlessly setup download and upload speeds and bandwidth limitations for several people in your community, with optional filtering of blacklisted websites. Computer software includes data, reporting and many features.

Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Server OS. All versions. No customer computer software installation. Wide range of Simultaneous Connections. DNS Internet Filter. Manage down load and upload limitations. Reduced Internet prices by controlling data transfer. Bandwidth Manager Software Qualities. Limit Usage Time. IP and Port Filtering. No Customer Installation. Connection Posting.

High security amount. Bandwidth Management Windows 10 Setup. Bandwidth Manager computer software Handbook. Take Control Of Your Local Network Computers. Handle bandwidth quota limitations.

Bandwidth Features. Fixed MAC. Host Whitelist. Definitely Flexible User Accounts. Control unknown people in your community. Advanced Consumer and Autologin Settings. Total Control Bandwidth manager provides all the features you will need to control the actual quantity of bandwidth each user gets in your accessibility.

Watch online activity per user. Access Control. Online Posting NAT. Multiple Location Help. Connection Log. Activity Sign. Down load and test Bandwidth Manager computer software today! Effortless, Powerful and trustworthy Bandwidth management software program is easy for setup and use. Comprehensive Control Tight control over your community users, accept autologin sessions with restricted Internet session rates. Many years of developing Bandwidth manager software program is created becoming quick, efficient bandwidth control that may be setup with no discovering.

Controls and Blocks Web Sites. Schools, Universities. Keep Your Network Secure.


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Aug 09,  · SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager is a full-featured traffic management tool for Windows that offers affordable data transfer control and quality of solution according to integral prioritised principles. These guidelines can specify a bandwidth restriction for every single Internet user. The software for this kind is otherwise known as bandwidth limiter or traffic s: 1. May 21,  · ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a NetFlow traffic analyzer and data transfer management device that will monitor traffic patterns. Through a customizable dashboard, you are able to monitor the top usage by application and protocol utilizing the help of pie ted Reading Time: 8 mins. Oct 16,  · Definition. JDSoft Bandwidth Manager is free to download from our computer software library. JDSoft Bandwidth management is roofed in online & Network Tools. Our integral anti-virus checked this install and ranked it as percent secure. The JDSoft Bandwidth management installer is often known as The actual designer for the program is JDSoft/5(11).

SoftPerfect test version. User score User Rating 8. SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager is a feature wealthy traffic management utility when it comes to Windows system, that provides cost-effective data transfer control based on integrated prioritised principles. Bandwidth restrictions can be specified for every online user. This type of application is recognized as bandwidth limiter or a traffic shaper.

With SoftPerfect Bandwidth management, you are able to use speed-throttling principles to specified internet protocol address and MAC details, ports and network interfaces without making any changes to your existing community infrastructure. Key functions include: Centralised configuration from a single system location. Flexible, prioritised, bidirectional principles to specify optimum data rates and consumption allowances. Transparency for end users with no customer software installation needed more often than not.

Quotas, scheduler, mail notifications and comprehensive use reports. Overall, SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager is a superb software to monitor your network traffic and put restrictions in your online data transfer in whatever way you want. By making use of an app such as this, you’ll boost the performance of the community and work out a reduction in your overall bandwidth usage. We do not have any change log information yet for version 3. Occasionally publishers simply take a time to produce this information readily available, so please check back a couple of days to see if it has been updated.

For those who have any changelog info you can give us, we would like to hear away from you! Head over to our Contact page and write to us. SoftPerfect Bandwidth Management 3. Download Latest Variation. SolarWinds Network Configuration Management. Spiceworks Desktop. SoftPerfect Cellphone Broadband Toolkit. Latency Optimizer. Connectivity Fixer. SoftPerfect Connection Emulator. Paragon Hard Drive Management.